Tech4Africa 2014 8-9 Oct 2014 Newtown Precinct, Johannesburg, South Africa
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The Vision

We think that the best tech ecosystems in the world have regular events which bring together people in tech to learn, meet new people and have lots of fun.

We don’t like suits and ties, there are no plenaries, committees and chairpeople. We focus on great content and value for all who attend, free wifi, coffee all day, fun at night, and an electric atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else.

A Manifesto Of Sorts

Great content. The kind people talk about.

Inspiring. People, products and projects.

Networks. Where substance trumps style.

Death by PowerPoint. Clowned upon.

Progress. The other side of failure.

Programming. The new literacy.

Fun. Work is meant to be fun.

Suits & ties. Frowned upon.


Our simple goal is that you walk away both informed, entertained and inspired. Placing greatest emphasis on learning, interaction, engagement and discussion, we want Tech4Africa to be a place for new ideas and to encourage people to make and change things.

Tech for the hacker generation

This is not a lowest common denominator event.

This is an assertive event.

We don't care if the fishbowl doesn't like it.

We do not merely aspire to the heady heights of conformity through neutrality, blandness
and crass marketing.

You probably don't even care that this rebellious little event contains no agenda or bullshit
and looks only for the finest content we can find.

Just go back to schmoozing at your mass marketed, bland, cheaply run watered down
"networking functions", and close the browser behind you.

Tech4Africa is about breaking rules, upsetting trends and unsettling institutions but first and
foremost, great content.

The kind of content people talk about.

If you've read this far, you should view the source. You little beauty.

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To: October 09, 2014 23:59

Newtown Precinct, Johannesburg, South Africa


Technology, Education & Learning


Developer, Web alchemist, WebDev

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