TEDx Copenhagen Salon 'Green Natives'

TEDxCopenhagen has brought people together to share ideas worth spreading since 2009. Now we address how one tackles environmental issues positively.

9 Dec 2013 at UN City, København, Denmark

Big Ideas/Think, Environment

TEDx Copenhagen Salon 'Green Natives' 9 Dec 2013 UN City, København, Denmark
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Green Natives is the theme of this Salon event - We are all people born and raised in a world aware of climate changes and our planet’s limited resources. But will we act on what we know? Some of us have already begun.

TEDxCopenhagen have found an exceptional group of acting Green Natives. Starting in their own backyards, these visionaries are creating a better world for all of us, spreading their ideas from their local communities to the global community. They do not sit back and wait for a green future to arrive; they make it and they inhabit it. And they remind us that we could all follow the path of acting.

Meet them at the next TEDxCopenhagenSalon on December 9th 2013 in the UN City.

From: December 09, 2013 14:00
To: December 09, 2013 18:00

UN City, UN City, Marmorvej 51, 2100 København Ø, 2100, København, Denmark


Big Ideas/Think, Environment