TestExpo 2014 - Defining the Digital Testing Stratergy

TestExpo enables sharing of information and guidance on the hottest testing and Quality Assurance topics that impact today’s businesses.

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"As long as software exists, it will need to be tested" – whilst this well-known sentiment is true, technology and software are evolving rapidly with a move into a newer, increasingly digital landscape, where users are ruthless when it comes to quality, usability and performance, and companies are working harder than ever to innovate. To ensure testing continues to meet expectations it must also develop and continue to prove its value to the business.

TestExpo 2014 aims to consider the ways in which we might rethink our testing practices and incorporate new digital technologies into our testing plans to support the delivery of high quality digital applications.

This one-day conference will be structured around a series of themes, with keynote presentations and roundtable sessions where all participants can join in and discuss their own experiences, consider how the testing industry is progressing and find new ways to approach digital testing challenges.

Themes include:

Defining the digital testing strategy and considering which methods and tools will provide
the right mechanisms for success: including Agile, Cloud, SOA, Automation and
standardised processes

Incorporating new technologies and devices into testing plans: Feedback from social media
and Big Data/analytics, and channels such as Mobile, Smart TV, and the Internet of Things

Budgets: How much of the testing budget should go into new channels and the need to
prove the value of QA and focus on ROI

The Changing role of the tester: from technical testers to new skills, the role of new testers
coming up into the market, and do testing certifications cater for new waves of applications
and devices? Differentiating between ‘testing’ and ‘checking’ and Bug hunter vs. bug

TestExpo™ was launched initially in 1996 and has since become one of the biggest and most renowned software testing events in the UK. This year TestExpo will return to London on Tuesday 21 October 2014.

TestExpo is a one day conference that enables sharing of information and guidance on the hottest testing and Quality Assurance topics that impact today’s businesses. Over the years the event has grown into a highly valuable forum for debate, discussion and networking amongst a software testing and quality assurance professionals.

Historically the event has been hosted by Sogeti, but this last year Sogeti was thrilled to announce UNICOM’s involvement. UNICOM’s heritage as an event and conference organiser, and depth of specialist knowledge, through its own series of Next Generation Testing Conferences in this arena made UNICOM the ideal choice to co-host TestExpo.

From: October 21, 2014 08:30
To: October 21, 2014 18:00

Hotel Russell, 1-8 Russell Square, WC1B 5BE, United Kingdom


Software, Technology


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