The Age of the World Picture

2-6 Oct 2013, Rhodes, Greece

Akeel Bilgrami


Alexander Dugin ( Russia ) , Head, Department of Sociology of International Relations , Faculty of Sociology, Lomonosov


Ali Khoshroo ( Iran ) , Special Adviser to President Khatami on D ialogue among C ivilizations


Allan Carlson


Armen Sarkissian (UK) , President/Founder, Eurasia House International


Asma Afsaruddin


Andrey Filippov avatar

Andrey Filippov

Every autumn since 2003 the ancient Greek island of Rhodes hosts a session of the World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations" called the Rhodes Forum that brings together public figures and statesmen, academics, religious figures and representatives of the arts, mass media and business spheres from all over the world.

The sessions of the Rhodes Forum have proved the urgency, importance, and efficacy of the WPF’s ideals by bringing the focus of world public opinion to bear on the need for inter-cultural and inter-civilizational dialogue. The results achieved by the Forum thus far provide hope for further harmonization of international relations and promotion of global stability.

11th Annual Session of the Rhodes Forum will take place on October 2-6, 2013. Activities of the Forum will be dedicated to the analysis of globalization’s transition to a poly-centric and multy-civilizational reality.

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