The Asian Symposium on Healthcare Without Borders

Enhancing Quality Healthcare Through Collaboration

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The 2014 Asian Symposium on Healthcare Without Borders is an international event that will coincide with the 69th Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony. Participants of the symposium will be provided with a special invitation to the memorial ceremony. There will also be a free guided tour and a presentation by a survivor of the atomic bombing.

Rapid economic development across Asia has brought about vast improvement in the health care industry with some traditional health metrics, such as infant mortality rate and infectious disease rate among others, decreasing while life expectancy across the board is increasing. However, this rosy and simplified view masks the sharp health care disparities underlying Asian nations as well as the diverse challenges they face.

Many factors from the varying levels of social, political and economic development to geology and climate change, which have been responsible for the recent earthquakes and seasonal typhoons and floods, have been reshaping the continent and spawning critical healthcare questions in need of tangible solutions. In Southern Asia, 1 in 16 children die before the age of five because of the effects of poverty and the absence of quality health care. Although life expectancy is increasing in the region, at 64 years, it desperately lags behind the rest of Asia. How can we ensure the equitable and efficient allocation of health-related resources across all Asia to meet basic needs and emergencies? What role can policy makers play in creating affordable universal health care?

On the other end of the spectrum, well-developed nations like Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore boast a life expectancy over 80 years old. This fact raises many questions concerning health policies including: How to address the aging populations and their subsequent ballooning health care costs, as well as the rising number of both non-communicable and dietary diseases, which severely affect all of Asia.

The 2014 Asian Symposium on Healthcare Without Borders will be held in Hiroshima, Japan: The City of Peace. The three-day international symposium will coincide with the 69th Hiroshima Peace Memorial. All participants of the symposium will be invited to attend the ceremony. There will also be a free guided tour and a featured presentation by a survivor of the atomic bombing.

Healthcare Without Borders 2014 will provide an interdisciplinary platform for physicians, nurses, administrators, educators, researchers, academics, medical students, humanitarian aid workers, policy makers, non-profit professionals and related healthcare specialists. With the theme Enhancing Quality Healthcare Through Collaboration, it is hoped that today’s challenges in health care can be met with viable global solutions.

Healthcare Without Borders 2014 is an international, peer-reviewed congress. Full papers are welcome, but not required. Registered participants with an accepted abstract and/or refereed full paper will be published in the Healthcare Without Borders Proceedings (ISSN 2188-4005).

We welcome proposals on any of the following tracks or special topics:

Biomedicine and Bioinformatics

Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Complementary and alternative medicine

Critical care management

Dental health / Oral health


Drug development and pharmacology / toxicology

e-Health / m-Health / Telemedicine

Emergency room healthcare

Family medicine / General practice

Food safety / Foodborne illness

Geriatrics / Gerontology

Healthcare administration and policies

Healthcare business and data management

Immunology and epidemiology of major diseases

Intensive care management

Communicable / non-communicable diseases

Medical education

Medical ethics


Nursing informatics

Nursing practice and education

Nutrition and dietetics

Obstetrics and gynecology

Occupational therapy


Palliative care


Pediatric care

Physical therapy

Psychiatry / Mental health

Public health / Community health

Sexual health

Ubiquitous healthcare (u-Health)

Special topics

Developing countries: providing aid in insecure environments

Developing countries: access to healthcare

Developing countries: appropriate healthcare technologies

Environmental health and climate change

Ethical issues in globalization of healthcare

Evaluating global healthcare

Millennium development goals: 2015 and beyond

Smart homes and ambient assisted living

Social work leadership in healthcare