The Best in Heritage

The Best in Heritage is about professional excellence in public performances of heritage institutions demonstrated by the 24 presentations of awarded museum.

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The Best in Heritage 25-27 Sep 2014 Dubrovnik City Walls, Dubrovnik, Croatia
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The Best in Heritage is a two-day conference about professional excellence in public performances of heritage institutions demonstrated by the 24 presentations of awarded museum, heritage and conservation projects from all over the world.

It is preceded by a fascinating half day event on the use of ICT as a cohesion factor for the entire public memory sector. This year, we add to this conference of excellence a one day symposium to be held on Sunday, September 28th on the theme of "Efficiency and excellence in the public memory sector". We are looking for about 20 scientific quality papers to be presented. The book volume of presented contributions will be pre-published for the conference, distributed to the participants and made available on-line.

Contributions should come from all the institutional facets of heritage: we all have our notion of what should be praised as excellence and how to achieve it, - for the noble and practical reasons, - in a world that offers but more and more challenges to this ambition. This may seem too wide an approach, but from the point of our users we are parts of the public service using collective and social memory for the quality of living. Our excellence in public memory cannot exist without being well selected, researched, conserved, cared for and responsibly and beautifully communicated. We prepare our theatre behind the scenes but our users are generally interested in the end effect.

Our claim is that all heritage organisations and institutions (museums, conservation, libraries, archives, hybrid and cyber institutions, heritage actions and networks, living heritage etc.) continue to demonstrate a constant convergence of their practices. Their theories converge to imply the need for a common science, - a higher conceptual level. This emerging science (Heritology? Mnemosophy, Cultural Heritage Science?) is another cohesion factor for the many diverse heritage occupations which each have their own theories (e.g. Museology, Archivistics, Librarianship, Computer science etc.).

Besides sharing ICT and theory, the heritage sector also shares a focus on visitors and users and the same mission in society: we all want to turn the heritage from the past into a noble and scientifically based wisdom that can then be used for the harmonious development of our society. Those shared values, together with the analysis of good daily practice, from eco-museums to citizen heritage action, should be the leitmotiv of the papers and presentations we expect to receive.

This call for papers is in fact a plea for like-minded sympathizers and allies to join us in the project of a future grand profession, uniting all our heritage occupations in a concerted effort to turn our collective public memories into a Useful Heritage.

Authors are expected to present their contribution in person, in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, preferably not reading; each presentation should not exceed 15 minutes.

The symposium will begin with a brief introductory lecture and end with a discussion session. The choice of best presentations will be filmed and posted on the web.

Contributors are expected to pay full registration fee for the conference by May 20th. The organiser does not cover travel, accommodation or any expenses (except those covered by the registration fee) related to the stay in Dubrovnik.

The submitted contributions will be peer reviewed. The Advisory Board of the Best in Heritage conference will assume the role of Editorial, Scientific Board to assure the scientific quality of symposium and the publication.

From: September 25, 2014 08:30
To: September 27, 2014 21:00

Dubrovnik City Walls, Dubrovnik, Croatia


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