The Emergency Management and Crisis Response Summit

How prepared is the Middle East?

The Emergency Management & Crisis Response Summit Middle East, comes in the very right time, as the international community is facing dramatic...

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How prepared is the Middle East?

The Emergency Management & Crisis Response Summit Middle East, comes in the very right time, as the international community is facing dramatic evolving and interconnected security and natural disasters threats that pose not only serious challenges to the security of governments and people, but to the entire Middle east Region. As countries constantly learn, develop and implement new security procedures to deal with emergencies, this particular event will be focused on the causes and factors of such challenges, but most likely will present viable and proven solutions to all aspects of disasters and crises management at medium to small scale. This event not only will generated an educational impact, but will provide to the assistance a portfolio of international recognized experts on the field, valuable scenarios and case studies from aviation, ports, critical infrastructure from top world professionals. I strongly recommend government officials such as Ministries of Interior representatives and organizations, including law enforcement, security, military, emergency agencies to take real advantage of this very important event. Exchange ideas, wider your regional and international professional networks, and most important, effective learning for better emergencies preparedness and response. These are my reasons to participate.

Johan Obdola Founder and President International Organization for Security and Intelligence

The Summit

Today all businesses depend on a secure supply chain of a products and services. Therefore, protecting vital assets stands as their key responsibility. The ever increasing threats of terrorism, natural disasters, and human error pose growing challenges for protecting those critical assets. Plus, information technology, now the bloodline of nearly all economic and social activity, brings new vulnerabilities and even more challenges. To protect these assets, businesses, governments, and the private sector must work cooperatively to ensure effective protection. The Emergency Management and Crisis Response Summit proudly presents a platform for Industry Leaders, Sector Experts, Government Agencies, and other stakeholders to collaboratively learn, share, and develop stronger and more agile Emergency Management and Crisis Responses. This three day Summit, tailor-made for industry professionals from aviation, infrastructure, and oil and gas, will provide in-depth industry-specific insights on Emergency Management and Crisis Response.

Why Attend?

Learn proven strategies for reducing risks and creating a robust emergency and crisis management system.

Discover how to evaluate and assess the level of a crisis and its impact, including financial implications.

Examine current and future risk models

Overcome challenges in solving and mitigating disasters

Understand how to reduce the probability of critical risk occurrence, or the magnitude and duration of impact.

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From: June 10, 2014 00:00
To: June 12, 2014 23:59

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Gas, Oil, & Petroleum, Management


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