The Employee Engagement Awards and Conference

17 June 2015, New York, United States

Inspiring, recognizing and celebrating the people companies who remake the way organizations think about and engage people to achieve their purpose.

Jamie Lawrence

Jamie Lawrence

Speaker editor. Short story writer. Budding dreamer of dreams. Keep it high and hard, podjo.

Aaron Hurst


Founder and CEO @TaprootFound. @BoardSource board. Advisor 2 @fusecorps @ReimaginingServ @ABillionPlus + Ci Yuan. Brooklyn dad and married to @karahurst.

Kimberly Abel

Kimberly Abel


Employee Solutions Leader for @Maritz_MHI. 20 yrs of experience in workforce #recognition. Speetra advisor. Always learning.

Joaquin Roca


CEO of theScaffold where we are building great leaders

Jonathan Atwood


VP Sustainable Living and Comms @ Unilever, North America Opinions, thoughts and tweets are my own

Susan Hunt Stevens

Susan Hunt Stevens


Founder, Practically Green. Passions: digital media, sustainable design, quality journalism, food, travel, wine, husband & kids, & music you can dance to.


Hannah Pinchbeck

Events Programme Manager


Director Human Resources, Midway Attractions, North America at Merlin Entertainments

Swinda Salazar-Piquemal

Vice President of Sales at Fairsail


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Hannah Pinchbeck
· 5 years ago
What defines an employee-centric company?

There are companies and there are people companies. Companies powered by their people. People companies are the places that inspire people.

They are the game changing, forward-thinking companies that think and work differently. They are the companies people aspire to work for and work with. They harness the power of engaged people. People that want to do their best work and create successful organizations.
The Employee Engagement Awards and Conference inspires, recognizes and celebrates the people companies who remake the way organizations think about and engage people to achieve their purpose.

Wherever you are in your journey, the Employee Engagement Awards and Conference will provide you with industry acknowledgement, peer recognition and an edge in driving your organization forward.

Buy your ticket today and #GetEngaged!

9:15am - Registration opens

10:00am - Opening remarks
Chair: Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder, WeSpire 

The Business of Engagement

10:05am - "Employee engagement is your commercial priority"
Speaker: Jamie Lawrence, Editor,
Keynote: The Fundamental Role of Purpose

10:15am - “The Purpose Economy”

Speaker:  Aaron Hurst, CEO, Imperative

If there's an engagement 'hook' to hang your strategy off it's purpose - but it's a 21st century form of purpose. Aaron Hurst tells us why purpose is fundamental to sustainable engagement.

Start with the Human Being

10:55am - "The Psychology of Engagement"

Speaker: Joaquin Roca, Co-Founder and CEO, theScaffold Inc.

What does engagement mean to enormously complex, social beings that have evolved over millions of years? What happens to the human brain at work and why must we know this to succeed at creating engaged workplaces? Joaquin Roca will deep-dive into how people behave in the workplace and how to ensure your engagement efforts connect with and speak to the human condition.

Understand the Fundamentals of Engagement

11:25am - "The Principles of Engagement"

Speaker: Kimberly Abel, Vice President, Employee Solutions, Maritz Motivation Solutions

No organisation is alike - every culture is unique. We must approach engagement with cultural, historical social context in mind. Yet there are fundamental principles and concepts that underpin sustainable engagement strategies that separate those that move an organisation strongly into the future and those that stifle an organisation’s ability to progress. Kim Abel outlines these principles in no uncertain terms - and tells you how to exploit them.


11:55am - Coffee & Networking break

Panel Discussion: Respect the Importance of Culture

12:20pm - "Working with and improving organizational culture"

Panellists: Lindsay Wolff Logsdon, Co-Founder, Culture LabX,
Jasmine Gartner, Trainer & speaker on employee engagement
Tom Roth, Chief Operating Officer, Wilson Learning

Peter Drucker famously said that culture eats strategy for breakfast. As the fundamental 'temperature gauge of your organisation, culture cannot be ignored in the quest to create people-centric organisations. Our panel discussion will discuss how to progressively mould and shape culture.

1pm - Lunch

Getting results from your employee engagement work

1:45pm - "Employee Wellbeing"

Speaker: Coming soon!

If employees don't feel good about themselves, are you able to engage them? Wellbeing is a foundation of engagement but we've moved on from simple initiatives. Taking a holistic, mind-body approach to wellbeing creates a environment ripe for further engagement.

2:00pm - "Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR)"

Speaker: Jonathan Atwood, VP Sustainable Living, Unilever

It's an established fact that employees that feel they're making a difference are more motivated and productive. How can you use the weight and clout of the company to do good in the world and influence engagement?

2:15pm - "Learning & Development"

Speaker: Coming soon!

Growth mindsets, continuous improvement - these are the gold standards of developing nowadays. How can companies use L&D to engage employees and help them self-develop, while maintaining ROI for the business?

2:30 - "Reward & Recognition"

Speaker: Terry Byrnes, Vice President, Caesars Entertainment

Getting reward right is a fundamental part of the employee-employer relationship but how can it be used to add further value to engagement? Recognition is a growing area that develops connections between peers and offers an extraordinarily powerful way to make employees feel good.

Panel Discussion: You Can't Ignore the Technology Wave

2:50pm - "How can Technology Improve Engagement Efforts?"

Panellists: Steve Goldberg, Indeoendent HR Technolgoy Expert
Charlene Wall Warren, Chief Sustainability Officer, BASF
Stacey Harris, VP Research & Analytics, Sierra-Cedar
Chris Dyer, Founder, PeopleG2

Modern technology creates many opportunities for successful engagement. Our panel will discussion crucial success factors, such as employee uptake, to make sure modern technology bolsters rather than hinders engagement efforts.

3:35pm - Coffee & Networking
Solving problems along the way

4:00pm - Solving the stubborn engagement challenges that won't go away"

Speaker: Jasmine Gartner, Trainer & speaker on employee engagement

You can do everything right with engagement and yet that additional value and high-performance always seems beyond your grasp. Yet it’s important to solve those remaining stubborn niggles and challenges that just feel like they’re holding you back. Jasmine Gartner examines some of the most common remaining stubborn engagement barriers and tell you how to smash through them.

Keynote: Engagement 2050

4:40pm - "The Future of Engagement"

Speaker: Stowe Boyd, Principal Analyst, Digital Clarity Group

Futurist Stowe Boyd, who coined the term #hashtag, will be asking us to abandon what we think we know and imagine what an engaged workforce could look like in 2050. Tracking current trends to their conclusion, Stowe will paint a rich picture of how forward-thinking companies will engage their employees when self-driving cars dominate the roads and we’re all eating artificial meat.

Employee Engagement Awards Celebration

5:25pm - Announcing the winners of the Employee Engagement Awards
6:15 - Celebration & Networking Drinks
*Please note: The Conference Agenda is subject to change

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