The FRESH Conference is a unique meeting place around meeting design. Experience the latest tools, formats &technique to improve Learning, Networking & Impact.

26-28 Jan 2014 at Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, Copenhagen S, Denmark

Meetings & Events, Technology

FRESH14 26-28 Jan 2014 Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, Copenhagen S, Denmark
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FRESH is a conference about conferences, a meeting about meetings focused on meeting design.

Meeting professionals with a nose for innovation, head for communication and heart for participation can’t wait to join the soul of the FRESH conference. FRESH participants experience, learn and connect to the other participants so they return hot to confidently deliver transformative meetings.

The FRESH FOCUS of 2014 is on the people that make the difference. Not just keynote speakers, but all sorts of professionals with a wide variation of expertise.

Introducing: "The Meeting Team".
The ‘Meeting Team’ is based on the ‘Building Team’ which is a group of specialists - led by an architect and supervised by the owner – that works together to build office buildings. Analogies with other teams around a race car, emergency medicine or polar exploration are plentiful.
After FRESH you will be able to influence, facilitate or even assemble and manage successful Meeting Teams, able to deliver transformative meetings and events. In Meeting Architecture there are roughly 40 different professions in 6 categories: Architects, Builders, Communicators, Designers, Entertainers and Facilitators (as co-created at FRESH ). How, out of all these – very different - individuals you will forge great Meeting Teams depends to a large extend on how well you know the professions and their expertise’s. As you experience different meeting formats at FRESH, these professions will be dissected: who are they, what value do they bring, how can we use that value. So not just theory and we have a case: we will go ‘backstage’ and put the spot light on the different professionals in the FRESH team. And as a cherry on the cake all FRESH participants will receive a copy of the new book on Meeting Formats (co-created based on FRESH).
The different tracks will enable you to join many WORKSHOPS on facilitation, moderation, meeting design, gaming, visual facilitation, role-playing, speaker improvement, creative production, staging, storytelling and so on – FRESH WILL SHOW IT ALL IN ACTION.

Meet the FRESH crowd, an exhilarating mix of meeting professionals from all over the world, learn from the best, play with the latest, experience, co-creation and get submerged in participant involvement. Become a member of the FRESH community and be at the centre of the innovation among friends that are an on-going resource of inspiration.
Register now to participate at the world’s most innovative conference and discover how your conference participants can get engaged to change their world. Change the format, design the experience, apply the techniques and drive the technology at your next meeting, conference or event.
Sustainability is part of meeting design which is why FRESH goes back-to-back with the Sustainability conference. If you register for both you get two birds with one stone.

Thanks to the support of Visit Denmark, Wonderful Copenhagen and The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers we hosted FRESH in a wonderful and sustainable environment with great free WiFi and even the coffee breaks are a feast for the eye.
You will return to your Job with new professional friends, the energy to innovate, the drive to design, the relevant tips and tools and in shape for change.
Live the future, design effective meetings, FRESH.

From: January 26, 2014 00:00
To: January 28, 2014 23:59

Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, Oerestads Boulevard 114 - 118, 2300, Copenhagen S, Denmark


Meetings & Events, Technology

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