The Product Development Excellence in Banking Summit

Allan Lloyds brand new product development event for all financial professionals

Banking, Finance, Investing, Accounting, Education & Learning

The Product Development Excellence in Banking Summit 23-25 Sep 2014 Hotel De France, Vienna, Austria
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will provide a platform for thought leaders from the largest European banks to share their experience and stories on making a successful product, key elements of new product development, innovative products and other core topics related to product development.


Explore the trends playing a significant role in developing product strategies

Learn when a product turns into a service

Understand challenges that banks face when developing product strategies

Find out how client insights and client profiles influence new product development in the banking space

Understand the effect of big data on business models and products

Discuss the role of product management in the marketing of banking services


The banking industry is facing one of the most challenging times in history, where the severe economic losses of the crisis are aggravated by extremely low public confidence in financial derivatives. As a result, regulatory authorities have imposed radical measures to decrease distrust and increase the stability of the market that puts further pressure on banks` profitability. Moving forward will require efficient product innovation that aims to gain new customers and retain the existing ones for the long term.

Despite two big set-backs in recent years — low average economic growth and weak external sector inflows — bankers found some space for business opportunities. Banking products are becoming more aligned with the financial market conditions being shaped by the overall economic situation. The banks that develop the most suitable products are also reaping huge benefits.

Choosing the right product for the bank and its customers can be easier said than done. Products need a lot of work before they actually sell. The expected demand may turn out not to be there, the price might be too high, or there might be regulatory hurdles; much of that work is done in product development. This brings us to the question of what should banks look like and how strategies and innovations need to change to ensure success. To build product strategy requires not only careful observation of the market but a balancing between the unpredictable financial markets and the rapidly increasing regulations with the ultimate aim of meeting clients’ investment objectives.

Over the past few years, banks have introduced new products for deposit mobilization, cash management, inland transfer of payments, retail banking, agricultural financing, investment in commodities and branchless transactions. Banks have also come up with tailor-made personal loan schemes for individuals. And many banks have launched refined schemes to facilitate the inflow of remittances. So, what is the common thread? How to match products and services to market needs? What is the process for success in new product development?

Attend Allan Lloyds brand new event – The Product Development Excellence in Banking Summit and learn more about the key element of new product development, the role of big data, remote RM services, rapid advancement of technology and much more from the top financial experts from UBS, Deutsche Bank, Swedbank, Banco Sabadell, RBS just to name a few.


This event is designed for Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Global Heads, Heads of Departments, Global and International Managers from the banking industry involved in:

Product development

Product management

Product marketing

Product and services marketing

Treasury product development

Banking Segment Management

Strategic Business Development

Product control

Innovation product

Structured products

Production process


Retail Banking

Digital Products and Emerging Technologies

Commercial and Products Management

Product Distribution

E-business development

From: September 23, 2014 00:00
To: September 25, 2014 23:59

Hotel De France, 3 Schottenring, 1010, Vienna, Austria


Banking, Finance, Investing, Accounting, Education & Learning


E-business development, Innovation product, Product development, Structured products

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