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The Social Business Collaboration global conference 29-30 Sep 2014 Kosmos, Berlin, Germany
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The Social Business Collaboration returns in 2014 with more than 150+ international leading opinion-makers and experts in the field of digital online communication, knowledge management and business collaboration to actively tackle the coming challenges in platform management & engagement, activity streaming, metrics & methods, usability, content and security together with like-minded peers.

Join Europe's thriving, highly active Social Business Collaboration community! Discover future tactics, experience high-level knowledge exchange and develop solutions to your current challenges, trends and tasks of tomorrow.

What Can You Expect @ we.CONECT?

COMMUNITY: The Social Business Collaboration is a global conference on platform management and communication facilitation that targets communication leaders, platform professionals and future business evangelists from all around the globe and all industries who are dealing with social technologies and business-relevant collaboration tools within their enterprise 2.0.

DELEGATES: 150+ senior level executives, board-level attendees and leading professionals from all industries and more than 20 countries worldwide discuss about challenges and solutions of cutting edge collaboration technologies, processes and innovations.

SPEAKERS & MODERATORS: 25+ pioneers & leaders will share their experiences and present best practices of internal and external social business facilitation that encompass innovative collaboration concepts and strategies.

NETWORKING: Multiple opportunities for networking to meet and greet with those hard-to-meet executives in a relaxed and social setting.

SESSIONS: 20+ innovative & interactive sessions ensure for all key topics to be covered / 20+ hours of networking with top level executives from all important industries from across the globe.

FORMAT: 2 Icebreaker Roundtables, 6 World Cafés, more than 20 Case Studies, 6 Challenge Your Peers Roundtables and 2 Training Sessions.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Your we.CONECT team


Social Business Collaboration Analytics: The Ratio of Reciprocal Communication in the Digital Sphere

How to measure effectiveness of Enterprise Social Collaboration?

Social features vs. business value: ROI calculation of Social Business Collaboration

Identifying and qualifying security threats and mobility´s impact on unified communications

How do mobile devices impact users and implications for enterprise mobility

What if Theory Came Alive? Embedding Social Collaboration Structures, Tools and Practices into Business Processes

The role of enterprise search in increasing user adoption of enterprise networking tools

Delivering value, productivity and increased innovation with new capabilities and methods

How to introduce large groups of new users to social features of sharepoint 2013?

How can collaboration and Social Media/Network Platforms/Tools support the shift to an IT self-support model in an enterprise?

User experience – how to accomplish to reduce the number of apps users must access independently?

Microblogging, videoconferencing and crowdsourcing – technology as facilitator of a real-time communication

Platform Transformation and Integration – How to Align Digital Channels, Their Tools and Create Synergies?

Building an external/internal portal with SharePoint 2013 / Office 365°?

Integrating social technologies and channels with existing IT infrastructures and corporate applications

Mobility and connectedness – how the digital workplace is transforming office life

How can Social Networks be integrated with a “Classical” Intranet so they can complement each other?

Social Collaboration as an Ear to the Market: What Users of your Digital Channel can Contribute to your Strategy

Communicating a global initiative-collaboration as a tool to promote global partnerships

Live streaming, news desk, networking platform and webinars: a responsive marketing tool

Tools and features: real-time & mobile file and Data-Sharing among stakeholders and partners

Social features vs. business Value: ROI Calculation of social business collaboration

How to Support Organizational Change? Strategies of Transforming a Real Social Enterprise

Introducing a collaborative business framework – and should social be part of an overall enterprise deployment and collaboration strategy?

Time-Lines and necessary milestones of a successful social collaboration Road-Map

How to establish a digital workplace in a traditional enterprise?

Best ways to set up an integrated social collaboration and communication infrastructure for virtual teams

Disrupting the enterprise – governance factors in an increasingly complex information architecture

Getting Top-Management actively involved in communities or other social collaboration tools

Human dimension of digital channels and collaborative technologies: culture, change and communication as gatekeepers

From: September 29, 2014 08:20
To: September 30, 2014 16:00

Kosmos, Karl-Marx-Allee 131a, 10243, Berlin, Germany


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