HMI is a vital technology in intelligent vehicle. Recently, HMI technologies are not only being used as a tool for in-vehicle entertainment, but also for a more intelligent driving experience. At the same time, the intelligent cockpit concept is becoming more and more important. Research agency Global Market Insights Inc. indicates that automotive HMI market will worth USD 27 billion by 2024‎. There are many important and emerging technologies and devices support the development of automotive HMI and intelligent cockpit, such as UX/UI design, AR, voice control, gesture control, AI, intelligent interior innovations and etc.
The 2nd China Automotive HMI and Intelligent Cockpit Summit 2019 will gather altogether about 150+ world famous experts and senior executives from various levels of the value chain, such as OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and solution providers to discuss the most important and popular topics in this industry. This Summit will be a great platform for the industry insiders to get the latest information about advanced HMI technology and intelligent cockpit innovations, to have in-depth communication with automotive industry experts and to seize new business opportunities.

The 2nd China AutomotiveHuman-Machine Interaction and Intelligent Cockpit Summit 2019

17-18 October 2019
上海市, 上海市, 上海市, 中国

Few tickets left


Global Automotive HMI Market and Intelligent Cockpit Analysis
HMI Technologies Boost the Development of Intelligent Cockpit
Multi-Mode Interaction Technology Creates an Enjoyable Driving Experience
Advanced HMI Technologies—Preparing for the Autonomous Driving Era
New HMI Concepts in ADAS, Increase Safety Margin
HMI Aspect Innovations of a Smart Automotive HVAC Control System

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