Vehicle NVH is directly related to the experience of drivers and passengers and the performance index of maximum total mass. It has always been the focus of research by all automobile manufacturers. With electrification becoming a new battleground for automotive Manufactures, NVH performance of NEV is particularly important. There are essential differences between the power system of NEV and ICE vehicles. Therefore, the problems those are focused on and solved in the NVH performance development process are also different with ICE vehicles, which also bring new requirements and challenges to the NVH development of NEV
The 3rd China NEV NVH Summit 2019 will be based in China, combining the full vehicle NVH development case, and taking the power system noise, wind noise and road noise as the breakthrough points to discuss the core technologies of NEV NVH development, aiming at seeking the best NVH solution for NEV and promoting the green and sustainable development of the entire automotive industry.

Topics for 2019 Include

Current State and Trend of NEV NVH
NVH Performance Comparison of NEV
Next-generation Material for NEV NVH
NVH Analysis and Optimization for BEV
NVH Coupling Control for HEV
Active Noise Control Technology for NEV NVH Development

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