The 5th China In-vehicle Air Quality Summit 2019

24-25 October 2019

Nowadays, people spend more time in cars than before, they care about the in-vehicle air quality and the effects on their personal health. In China, the amount of passenger cars is keep increasing. According to Satista, the number of global sold cars is 80.85 million, and in China, the number is 21.5million in 2018. Moreover, OEMs and suppliers have growing awareness toward passenger comfort and safety. In many countries, there are regulations about IVAQ control, and in China, the mandatory national standard "guidelines for air quality assessment in passenger vehicles" will be implemented from January 1st, 2019, which certainly will influence the automotive industry development. How to improve air quality and ease people’s concern of IVAQ is important to the automotive industry insiders.

The 5th China IVAQ Summit will gather together about 200+ the most influential industry experts and senior executives to discuss the most important and popular topic. The presentation topics will refer to China’s IVAQ regulations, material and technology innovations, OEMs practice. This event will be a great platform for the industry insiders to gain the latest market intelligence and learn the most advanced technology. This event is also an ideal platform for business opportunity seeking.


China In-vehicle Air Quality Requirements and the Progress of Standard Establishment
China Automobile Health Index (C-AHI) VOC/VOI Evaluation’s Influence of IVAQ Development
Effective Strategies to Deal with the In-vehicle VOC Pollution
IVAQ Testing and Monitoring Technology, Reflects the Cabin Air Quality Accurately
Embedded Air Purifier System Creates a Safer and Pleasant Driving Environment
The Latest Leather Chemical Development Trend

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