Theory and research on the convergence of professional identity in cultural heritage institutions beyond technology

Theory and research on the convergence of professional identity in cultural heritage institutions (Libraries, Museums, and Archives) beyond technology

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This collaborative forum is being offered as a satellite event to the IFLA World Library and Information Congress being held 16-22 August 2014 in Lyon, France. This satellite meeting will be held on 13-14 August 2014 in Turin, Italy.

Focus and General Themes:

One implication of the digitalization of information resources for cultural heritage organizations and memory institutions such as libraries, archives, and museums (LAM) is an increase in the confluence of skills needed by professionals in all three institutions. More and more of the work of these professionals are overlapping in their use of digital applications to provide better services.

The IFLA Satellite meeting to be held in Turin, Italy just prior to the IFLA 2014 conference in Lyon, France, will explore the theories relating to user services provided in libraries, archives, and museums and the strengths and the theoretical foundations for the convergence of educational programs for culturally competent professionals working in these institutions. Applied and empirical research results of both successful and not successful experiences to achieve the convergence of education and the expansion of services of these three institutions will also be considered. The goal of the Satellite Meeting will be to establish a community of researchers and practitioners who will further the design and delivery of education and services in these three professions and develop the potential for international partnerships to support these services.

Such research will improve the design and delivery of library services, as well as the potential for international partnerships designed to support further collaborative research in this area and is an opportunity to explore and discuss research findings related to the convergence of libraries, archives and museums, including the factors that influence convergence decisions, the professional strengths and organizational missions that promote and impede successful collaboration, and the theoretical concepts that suggest that these institutions can create value by working together as they pursue their shared responsibilities as cultural heritage institutions in the digital age.

The satellite program will be structured into the following sections:

General Themes:

Needed Research in establishing a theoretical and applied research
agenda for convergence

Theoretical foundations for the convergence of professions

Review of historical and professional barriers to convergence

Impact of international, national, and private sector funding

Transnational / transdisciplinary research problems impacting future

Opportunities and barriers to achieving the convergence of education and
services of libraries, archives, and museums.

Professional organizations and associations

Digital technology

Building and accessing multilingual collections

Data curation and big data

Questions to be explored in the Satellite workshops, panels, papers and posters.

How can the traditional focus of each of the three memory organizations. (Libraries, Archives, and Museums) be revised to reflect the opportunities presented in a digital age? How can LAM organizations be involved in Research data and Big data curation?

To what extent do professional perceptions and traditions in different countries and cultures create barriers to and provide support for convergence activities?

To what extent have technological innovations contributed to convergence? Beyond technology, what ties the memory institutions together?

To what extent have changes in traditional missions, such as the emerging emphasis on user-focused services, contributed to convergence and how are they related to changes in theoretical goals and functions?

How should we think about convergence? Does convergence mean professional collaboration, cooperation among memory institutions, or consolidation of services and products? Which approaches are desirable and under what circumstances?

Is convergence practical, desirable, or just a theoretical dream?

The IFLA LTR satellite meeting will be of interest to:

University faculty and staff working in memory organizations (Libraries, Archives, Museums -LAM)

National and international planners working with memory organizations

Project leaders and administrative staff involved in curriculum innovation and eLearning for LAM Professionals.

Libraries associations, electronic and multimedia publishers, and information services developers with interests in innovation in delivery of LAM services and products

University faculty, government agencies, and research fellows at national and international institutes who are exploring the benefits of convergence and the factors that influence successful cooperation and value creation

Graduate students in library and information science, archives and museum studies programmes

From: August 13, 2014 00:00
To: August 14, 2014 23:59

Turin, Turin, Italy


Society, Technology


Big data, Data curation, Digital technology

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