for people who build online businesses around physical products.

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A conference this August 3rd in NYC, made for people who build online businesses around physical products.

ThingConf is a one-day conference, happening on Sunday, August 3rd, in New York City. Maybe you have a small business already, or maybe you're just starting to prototype. In either case, you've realized the incredible amount of work that goes into creating a product. Come to this conference to share your knowledge and learn from other attendees — to talk about all of the work behind the work.

The Format

The conference will be structured as a single-track, giving each speaker 25 minutes to talk about their experience launching a product. We're not going to have any Q&A on stage, but we will have plenty of breaks to chat with the speakers one-on-one.

We know that one of the most important parts of a conference is meeting other interesting people, so we will have ample time built in for socializing and networking. Before the conference, we will publish (with permission) an attendee directory, to make it easier to find other people with shared interests.

Finally, we're going to have a professional photographer and a mini-studio with us during the conference for product photoshoots. If you have a product and have wanted high-quality professional photos of it, be sure to nab one of the photography/conference combo tickets!

The Photographer

Brooklyn based artist and photographer Numidas Prasarn (NumiEmpire) has been working in the fashion and photography industry for 10 years. Dedicated to helping others gain aesthetic control of their lives she has produced, art directed, and photographed campaigns from both independent and established designers alike.

The photo shoots will be offered in 30-minute sessions, and you will be guaranteed 3-5 shots from the session. Numi and her assistant are going to be working non-stop throughout the day, so you will be able to walk out of the conference with your finished photos!

The Space

ThingConf will be happening at 155 Rivington, the old Kickstarter office! (coincidentally, it's also where Rancid filmed their Time Bomb video) The building is located in Manhattan's Lower East Side, smack-dab in the middle of cafes, restaurants, and bars, and ample public transportation.

Who's Behind This?

Hi everyone! I'm Rachel Binx. I've been creating products and small companies for a couple of years now, namely with Gifpop and Meshu. When I was starting out, it felt like it took ages to figure out even the most basic aspects of getting a product out of the door. I want to help others avoid that experience by making a space where small business owners can come together and learn from each other.


I couldn't have put this conference together without the help of Christina Xu and Gary Chou. Both of them have helped tremendously as sounding boards for my ideas, connecting me with the right people and giving me a ton of advice. I'd also like to thank Andy Baio for all of his advice on putting together a conference.

The music in the video is by Podington Bear, and image credits for the speaker slides are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Risks and challenges

This is our first time putting on ThingConf, but I have an amazing group of people helping me figure out logistics and take care of all of the tiny details.

There's a bar next door to the space that plays a matinee punk rock show every weekend, and we thiiiiiink it's just on Saturday. Worst case, we'll just have some lovely ambient punk rock music underneath the presentations ;)


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