USI 2014

The Rendezvous of Geeks and Bosses

Management, Technology

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What is USI?
USI is a conference where great thinkers and opinion leaders gather each year to exchange ideas, draw inspiration, and the digital transformation of our societies. Attendees are free to cherry-pick the talks that best suit their profile from the 50 sessions played over two days.

Is USI for me?
USI caters to people who actively participate in their company's digital transformation:

CIOs and IT department managers
Innovation departments
Project officers and Architects
Management and Marketing teams

One event, two days, fifty talks
USI welcomes over 700 attendees - from members of the board to operational teams - all committed to changing their organizations for the better and quenching their curiosity. USl's strength lies in its unwavering ability to surprise.

The only conference designed for both Geeks and Bosses, USI promotes knowledge sharing and team cohesion.

What themes?
Management: Software craftsmanship, Agile, Devops, Management 2.0
~ Inspiring: Augmented Reality, Transhumanism, Giants of the Web, UX, Lean Start Up
~ Innovation & technologies: Datamining, Big Data, Fablabs, Cloud, Digital transformation
~ Prospective: Smart cities, Internet of Things, Embedded computing, etc.

Why attend?
To interact and exchange with peers.
~ Gain insight and knowledge from industry
~ Gain a sense of perspective.
~ Attend prestigious conferences.
~ Come awaywith ready-to-implement ideas.

From: June 16, 2014 00:00
To: June 17, 2014 23:59

Palais Brongniart, 28 Place de la Bourse, 75002, Paris, France


Management, Technology


Innovation, Inspiring, Prospective



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