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This is the new growth. You’ve done email. You’re all over search and
mobile. And social is second nature.

Now you’re integrating with CRM and marketing automation. Testing and
optimizing. Targeting and personalizing. Analyzing big data, feeding
customer data platforms, and connecting services, your site, your apps,
and your ads into one giant seamless marketing machine that both fills
the funnel and nurtures existing customers.

But the number of marketing technology companies tripled in 2012 and
tripled again in 2013 — it’s a confusing mess of capability and
opportunity. GrowthBeat will help you make sense of it all.

Questions GrowthBeat will answer

*Check out the event themes for a more in-depth look at the program.

What are the best case studies showing how marketers have used the
latest software to retain and acquire customers?

What are the big data and analytics apps that help disqualify leads that are
a waste of time, and which highlight only those leads that are the most

What apps work specifically well for consumer businesses, versus
enterprise businesses?

What are the leading tools that help you find possible growth potentials
by monitoring data across your various activities and units?

What are the use cases that vendors such as New Relic, AppDynamics,
and Mixpanel showcase — all of which help you find useful profit-yielding
patterns of unstructured data without you knowing about them?

What software tools require real data scientists and other trained
professionals to help achieve profits? By contrast, what are the best tools
usable by business executives with little training?

Where do the emerging big data applications tend to work best in
marketing and sales?

What are the cutting-edge developments in fields such as behavioral
science that enable for the optimization of lead generation and

What are the other new rules — from creative to analytics — that
marketers need to follow in order to succeed?


1) Mobile

This year, it’s official: The scales finally tipped in favor of mobile. People
now spend more time on their phones than they do on desktops, and
they’re spending more time shopping on their mobile devices too. But
mobile is a distinct medium, and the standards of the desktop just
doesn’t carry over. Most traditional software vendors — whether CRM,
marketing automation or advertising — haven’t managed the transition
very well.

We’ll discuss what fast-growth companies need to do to stay ahead and
reaching customers on mobile.

2) Social

The rise of Facebook, Twitter — not to mention WhatsApp and Snapchat
— and other highly social properties have created a whole new challenge
for businesses. Customers are sharing their tastes, opinions, wants,
providing companies both huge opportunity for viral growth, but also
presenting them with catastrophic results if they don’t pay attention to
customers’ needs. Social has become a key part of the marketing funnel,
but it’s an art as well as a science.

GrowthBeat will feature great cases and practical tips on how to use
social to grow.

3) Data

Companies are collecting huge amounts of data from their sites, from the
web at large, and from their customers. The sheer amount of it — plus it’s
diversity — is posing significant challenges for companies that aren’t sure
how to leverage it properly.

We’ll showcase the most compelling cases of companies that have
leveraged their data to grow both customers and profits.

4) Automation and 1-to-1 marketing

Companies are moving to ever more sophisticated ways of targeting their
customers, by exploiting the vast amounts of data available to them.
Using automation and other techniques to follow customers across
devices and platforms, successful companies are growing their marketing

How do B2C companies have personal relationships with millions? How
do B2B companies target actual end users? We’ll be talking about these
and more opportunities via new marketing technology.

5) Commerce

The world of commerce has been turned upside down, now that
consumers are also shopping on their phones, and leaving a trail of data
wherever they go. Consumers are transitioning between multiple devices,
making personalized approaches to marketing both more challenging and
rewarding. And companies are struggling to attribute hard sales to
individual ads, campaigns, social, or content marketing.

There’s a new set of tools that help you close the funnel — and
understand what led those paying customers to your virtual door.

6) Churn

You’ve managed to grow a promising customer base. Congratulations.
Now how do you stop customers from leaving?

You can’t grow without limiting churn, so nurturing your existing
customers is critical. The good thing is there’s a slew of tools that can
help you detect signs of happiness or dissatisfaction among your
customers. Their traffic patterns and the types of emails or calls they
make to customer service are clues.

You’ll hear from companies that have shown extraordinary ability to retain
customers by responding to customer patterns and responding to
inquiries immediately, sometimes by making changes in the product


We’re looking for companies — from young startups to more established
players — with the very best new ideas in, and around marketing tech. Is
your product/service providing marketers with solutions and/or tools to
help them scale/manage marketing efforts and grow revenue?

Then this is your opportunity to showcase your company, product, app or
solution in front of 400+ business and marketing execs, other business &
IT decision-makers, investors, and press.

We’ll select the finalists, broken into two groups: Early stage companies
(late seed stage to Series A), and mid stage companies (Series A to Series
B funding). They’ll each have five minutes to showcase their innovative
technologies live at GrowthBeat. Our team of judges will provide feedback
and determine the winner from each group.

The winners will be announced onstage and will receive VentureBeat
coverage, introductions to investors and/or relevant potential customers
in our network, and other prizes to be announced.

We will be announcing the finalists very soon. Stay tuned.

The Nest

Enter the GrowthBeat Nest, a brand new space at GrowthBeat that
spotlights a select number of emerging companies that are truly
disrupting in the area of growth through marketing.

Companies in the the Nest get:

a space to demo and mingle with 400+ business and marketing execs,
other business & IT decision-makers, investors, and press
a chance to compete on the main GrowthBeat stage in the Innovation
Showdown (Throughout the first day and 1/2, attendees will vote on their
favorite Nest company, and the winner will be invited to compete in the
Showdown at the end of day 2)

a custom onsite video interview to run on VentureBeat.com

on-site signage and branding on the event website


companies must be under 10M in funding

companies must have a product/service that is in the market

companies must be approved by the GrowthBeat content team

Interested? We’ve got a very limited number of spaces available at a
steeply discounted sponsorship rate. Email sponsors@venturebeat.com
for full information.

From: August 05, 2014 08:00
To: August 06, 2014 18:30

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Marketing & PR, Technology


apps, data, science

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