Visual Social Communications Leadership Forum

12 Dec 2013 at New York University, Midtown Campus, New York, USA

Marketing & PR, Communications

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Social media has developed into a highly visual medium transforming word of mouth marketing into the sharing of graphics rather than words. It evolved from telling, to briefing, to showing – moving from blogs to microblogging such as twitter, and now to images requiring no words at all. Good visual content achieves an emotional response and higher engagement through actions such as likes and shares. A 2012 report by ROI Research reveals 44% of respondents were more likely to engage with brands who posted pictures on their social media channels rather than any other type of content. Instagram reports 16B photos shared averaging 55M photos per day and 1.2 B daily likes. This forum will demonstrate how leading brands are harnessing images and platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest to break through the clutter to reach their audience.

We will answer the following questions:
•What are the elements of a viral image or infographics?
•What are the strategies, tactics, and tools to build a strong, visual brand?
•How do you use the power of images to generate leads and grow your business?
•Which social media outlets are right for your business? (Instagram, Infographics, Pinterest, Vine)
•What resources are best to use to create your infographics?
•How can brands utilize visual content to drive communication across their channels?
•Where is “show as tell” taking us and what are the cultural implications of these changes?

From: December 12, 2013 00:00
To: December 12, 2013 23:59

New York University, Midtown Campus, 11 West 42nd StreetRoom 421, 10005, New York, USA


Marketing & PR, Communications

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