Design for Happiness and Sustainable Societies

July 2nd 2015 08:00 - 11:45
Classroom D

Increasing evidence suggests that although economic growth has been increasing for the past 60 years or so, happiness & well-being, environmental and social capital, and sustainable lifestyles have been declining. The aim of this workshop is to arm you with the tools to contribute towards changing this!

What will you take away?

Participants will have the opportunity to experience the Design for Happiness framework (DfH) (Escobar-Tello, 2011); an innovative bottom up design approach, process and tool-kit to design a ‘sustainable material culture’ capable of contributing to shaping and promoting society towards happiness and sustainable lifestyles. In a nutshell:
- How to ‘Design for Happiness’!
- Learn the underpinning DfH theory
- Equip you with the skills to replicate the DfH co-design learning experience
- Equip you with the capacity to embed happiness and sustainable society’s values in your future design solutions
- Unleash your potential for driving sustainable change in business, organisations and society. 

Carolina Escobar-Tello


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