Interactive Prototyping: The Next Big UX Skill

July 2nd 2015 08:00 - 11:45
Classroom C

The job of the designer doesn't stop after the page loads, it's only just beginning. Instead of drawing mock-ups, we need to start prototyping using the core web technologies of HTML and CSS as quickly as possible to realize our visions in the medium in which it will be produced.

You've got to be able to get your ideas out the door faster than ever. There's no time to spend weeks and even months intreating around static wireframes and visual comps. 

In this workshop, Jason will introduce designers to methods and tools they can use to quickly stand-up testable prototypes that will show not only how their designs look, but how they work as well. 

What attendees will learn:
- How to produce interactive prototypes.
- Working with responsive design from the ground-up. 
- How to reduce the number of misfires between design and development.

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Jason CranfordTeague

Jason is a husband to one, father to two, and a ninja to CSS3. He likes to talk and design things when no one is looking.


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