What If...? Las Vegas

A gathering of innovation, jumpstarted by questions, propelled by curiosity.We bust stale thought processes

Entrepreneurship & Startups, Education & Learning

What If...? Las Vegas 19 Dec 2014 Inspire Theatre, Las Vegas, United States
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What If...? Las Vegas is bringing together innovators from education, entrepreneurship, and tech to grow the future possibilities of entrepreneurship. Questions will explore how entrepreneurship intersects with communities, education, self, and the future.

What Is a What If...? Conference?

It's a raw space to create. We don't just value curiosity as a natural resource, we view creativity as the wild west of progress. We've learned from the best, such as the Business Innovation Factory and have had speakers such as Jack Andraka, Dr. Richard Stallman, and Sarah Miller Caldicott ask "What If...?" at past conferences.

We've also had funky companies like Quirky and littleBits sponsor past events.

What If...? isn't a traditional conference. It's highly participatory. We don't have an audience, we have a gathering of off-stage presenters.

Through the What If...? Flow, the focus is diverted from the speakers and onto the collaboration of the crowd to "hack the ask" (the questions) and design actions in order to co-create the future. This future is composed of actionable deliverables, relationships, and real world projects with real world applications.