WhereCamp Berlin 2014

For 2014 the headline is all around Navigation and Location Intelligence.

Mobile, Technology

WhereCamp Berlin 2014 13-15 Nov 2014 Beuth-Hochschule für Technik Berlin, Berlin, Germany
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Navigation shows its benefits every day. "Navi" or car/pedestrian/guidance apps are one of the top 10 most used mobile computing apps. Spatial data, routing algorithms, interactive maps and location sensor data are underlying essentials parts behind the scenes. Traditional navigation concepts and implementations had a strong momentum in the last decade, but also start facing innovation challenges.

There is a trend rising towards specific areas, e.g. outdoor biking and riding or applications for handicapped people with special needs and a more refined and specialized tagged spatial data. Additionally we see a massive growth in the market of usage habits analysis and usage prediction, e.g. where is your home, your working place and what is your preferred commute?

The next hardware generations is already launching, such as probes, indoor positioning devices, autonomous cars or drones. Sensors data will be collected and processed automatically, giving you a sense of real time changes around you, e.g. the brand new "no left turn" sign.

Ubiquitous data generation via smart and location aware sensors may sound scary in the first place, but automated updates of spatial data and detection of new features opens a new and efficient way for the location business.

However clever big data and security handling is vital. Also the current terra incognita "indoor" need new approaches and sensors, e.g. beacons that facilitate a complete replacement for traditional GPS-based navigation. Additionally to that also new kind of applications will rise, that connect several devices seamlessly. Think about turning off the light, just by pointing to it.

Finally it seems pretty clear autonomous cars reshape current mobility patterns and. All this comes with higher efficiency, more free time, less accidents and new kinds of ownership models.

From: November 13, 2014 09:00
To: November 15, 2014 18:45

Beuth-Hochschule für Technik Berlin, 10 Luxemburger St, 13353, Berlin, Germany


Mobile, Technology


applications, autonomous systems, geolocation, gps, indoor positioning, location intelligence, navigation



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