Meet a platform that increases the value of your events. On many levels.

Save time, look like a pro

The beauty of Conferize is that we cover the basics and grow with your ambitions. Start with your agenda, set-up a stunning event website, keep track of registration, tickets, payments and people, send emails and do a swift check-in. No rocket science here, except we save you time and guide you with best practice along the way, so you instantly look like an event expert.

Potential customers. Surrounded by events

Once you start to focus on people attending your events you want to grow and nurture your “community”. And then your event perspective changes, trust us. You no longer do events and invite people. You identify people, segments, different needs and leads and run (tailored) events. To improve your business. With Conferize you keep track of every single person and every single action.

Ready to move beyond events?

People attend your events to attain knowledge, inspiration and build relations. That desire reaches far beyond the hours they invest in your physical event. This gives you the leverage to engage with people, enrich your event and drive buzz, curiosity and more attendees. Conferize provide tools for you, your speakers and your entire community to engage and involve. Before, during and between the events.

Amplify human connection

We’ve taken the principles from one-on-one meetings and applied them to events. Our platform provides you with different levels of insights into who’s attending your event. And for everyone attending we deliver what most people look for when investing time in events: Features to engage, mingle and grow your network.

Truth is, the majority of B2B events are stand-alone happenings, not tied into the company’s sales and marketing efforts. You put a lot of resources into the event but have little or no focus on the output.

With Conferize you no longer see your event as the culmination but as a catalysator to build closer relationships, do follow-ups with the most promising leads from the community or simply warm up for your next event.

Boost your event performance

A simple & efficient tool for better workshops, seminars & reoccurring events

Simple & fair pricing

Used by organizers world wide.
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