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The event that originally begun by the United States stands for "Yet Another Perl Conference" is (pronounced Yapushi) YAPC. It was the event that volunteers began the grassroots to the effect of "Let's create an event that speak of technology and products of their engineers with the participation of more willingly" to participation costs soared Perl event that was originally a giant.

YAPC, which stands for Yet Another Perl Conference, originated in US YAPC is a grassroots effort:. Previous Perl events at one point had evolved into something bigger and pricier, so engineers decided to take matters into their own hands to create an event that's more affordable, and easier to participate and talk about tech.

It is spread around the world, is held since 2006 as YAPC :: Asia Tokyo in Japan, and has grown to more than 1,000 the number recruited in 2013. Scale is increased in this way, but as a place to talk about technology's hot around the programming language called Perl, it leads to YAPC :: Asia this year thought the root is inherited.

This effort had since spread all over the world:. In Japan, YAPC :: Asia Tokyo is being held since 2006, and by 2013 it has grown into an event that attracts over 1000 people from everywhere Although the event itself has been growing, the underlying philosophy to keep YAPC affordable and welcoming has not changed

About governing body

YAPC :: Asia Tokyo had been held by the hands of volunteers until 2008, Japan Perl Association (JPA) governing body is changed from 2009 by the organization that publicity about Perl technology called, the awareness campaign was launched became.

JPA You are member companies dealing with Perl technology primarily, we support study sessions dealing with Perl without having to limit its scope in particular, the grant of exchanges such as engineers.


Until 2008, YAPC :: Asia Tokyo HAS Been hosted by Volunteers. Since 2009, Japan Perl Association HAS Been the primary organizing entity

Operating structure of this year

YAPC :: Asia Tokyo 2014 this year is a JPA director, of YAPC Chairman of the Executive Committee "Yusuke Wada ( @ yusukebe It is operated event staff and core staff play a central role) and ".


YAPC :: Asia Tokyo 2014 is organized by Yusuke Wada (JPA director), and other staff